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Attorney Bloom is a sought-after speaker, presenter and educator at conferences, seminars and events nationwide. She is available for your next seminar, conference or educational program.


The RescueDigest Podcast Episode 26: Top 5 Things That Legal Counsel Wants Emergency Responders To Know
(Posted February 3, 2015)
Join Attorney Bloom and RescueDigest Host Rom Duckworth as they discuss how we may not know what we need to know to stay on the right side of the law and sometimes what we THINK we know can get us into more trouble than what we don’t.

Conference Topics:
(Abstracts Available Upon Request)
  • The Changing Healthcare Landscape: Where Does EMS Fit In? (Keynote address)
  • Reducing Readmissions through Mobile Integrated Healthcare Programs
  • "It's 10 PM ... Do You Know Where Your Records Are?": An Introduction to Records and Information Management
  • Handling a Health Care Fraud Investigation (Preconference workshop)
  • Board Member Bootcamp (Preconference workshop or General Session)   
  • "But That's the Way We've Always Done It ... !: Agency Governance for Volunteer EMS Leaders  
  • “Why the ‘Print’ Button Isn’t Enough Anymore”: An Introduction to Records and Information Management
  • “Check Out My Blog…!”: The Risks, Dangers and Legal Liability of Social Media in EMS (Keynote address or General Session)
  • A Roadmap for Success: Implementing a Mobile Integrated Healthcare Program in Your Service Area 
  • Top 10 Things Legal Counsel Wants You to Know
  • Don't Sleep with the Teacher: EMS Education Program Policies and Procedures - What You Need and What You Need to Know
  • Securing Patient Data in an iPad(R) World
  • Blurred Lines: Best Practices for Mobile Technology in Healthcare   
  • Too Small For a Bailout, Too Important to Fail: Developing and Implementing a Legal and Regulatory Compliance Program
  • Best Practices for EMS Compliance
  • "Light & Siren: Sexual Harassment Unit"
  • “Don’t Drive It Like You Stole It!”:  The Legalities of Emergency Vehicle Operations
  • “Use ‘Em or Lose ‘Em”:  Developing and Maintaining Policy & Procedure Manuals
  • "Oops, the Patient Died! ... Now What?!": A Friendly Discussion with Legal Counsel
  • “Follow the Bouncing Ball”: Saving You from Modern Technology Pitfalls
  • “Meeting the Need to Answer the Call”:  Adding Paid Staff to Your Volunteer Organization
  • “Book ‘Em Dan-O!”: What to do When the Investigators Come Calling
  • “To Err is Human”: Adverse Event Reporting in EMS
  • “You Can’t Make Me Go!”: Consent and Refusals in Pre-Hospital Care
  • E-Discovery and Records of External Entities
  • Cadillac vs. Pontiac: Electronic Records Management Best Practices for Small Businesses on a Budget

EMS Education Program Topics:

  • Law & Ethics for EMS Providers (EMR and EMT level programs - Initial and Refresher)
  • Law & Ethics in Advanced Pre-Hospital Care (AEMT and Paramedic level programs)
  • Legal & Ethical Issues for EMS Instructors
  • EMS Legal Jeopardy (EMR and EMT Refresher programs)

In-Service and Other Topics:

  • EMTALA & The Pre-Hospital Care Provider
  • The Nonprofit Corporation (A primer for nonprofit boards of directors and organization members regarding the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders)
  • The Supreme Court's Decision on Healthcare Reform (Brief, 10-15 minute overview; a good "ice-breaker" presentation before a longer substantive topic)
  • Legal Overview for Public Safety Officers (Specialized program for post-secondary institution public safety officers, focusing on legal powers & limitations, higher education laws, and the Clery Act)
  • Starting Your Own Law Practice

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